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The DSS H2O is a windows program to configure (to create or to modify) models of generic Water Resources Systems (WRS), and simulate or optimize the assignment of raw water. Because is an generic program, allow to characterize any basin or WRS that the user under study.


In water planning and sustainable management, the DSS allows to obtain the performance indicators of the analyzed system, to compare in a homogeneous way the available alternatives; giving precision to experience and analyst's intuition.


Does a DSS help to make decisions, would allowing to respond questions of the type:  What happen if....?  in a modeling WRS.


The following figure shows the main windows of the DSS H2O:

main window DSS H2O



The main menus of this program are the following:

menus DSS H2O



The utility of exporting in format *.shp allows the connection with GIS (ArcView):

water resources system in ArcView



The DSS H2O has several modules to carry out different analysis in Water Resources Systems:


SimPrio: priority simulation of water allocation.  Simple example  [in spanish].


OptiPrio: priority optimization of water allocation [in spanish].


OptiEco: allocation economic optimization of water [in spanish].


MEvalSim: multiple economic evaluation of water management for priority (simulation) [in spanish].   Example of application to Júcar basin (Spain) [in spanish].

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