Module SimPrio, priority simulation of water allocation







SimPrio is a program (or model) generic, to simulate the monthly allocation of raw water in Water Resources Systems (WRS), based in the priorities set by the modeler for the elements of the system or basin.

This program is of utility to analyze basins with shortage of water resources, in that it is not possible that all the uses have all the water that they want.  The model assigns the water to the uses and other elements of the WRS in function of the priority of the element and the availability of water (storage and hydrological inputs) of the system.  In the period of time total to simulate (usually several decades), the water is assigned month to month (in independent and successive way), distributing the available water among the elements of WRS.

This is deterministic model with monthly time step, and it assumes the perfect knowledge of the future (the hydrological contributions with an anticipation of one month).

First you must carry out the conceptual scheme of the basin to model (Figure 1); that is built adding one to one the elements (contributions, reservoirs, uses, conductions, aquifer, etc.) and introducing their physical and operative characteristics in the Decision Support System  H2O.

This scheme is a simplified representation of the basin or Water Resources Systems (WRS) to study, and that must preserve the most outstanding relationships among the elements of the basin.

The model complexity and its capacity of representing the reality must are balanced: an excessively simple model will give results very far from the reality, without allowing to reproduce the complexity of the problem; while an excessively detailed model will be more complex of using,  will required more time of calculation and bigger quantity of data to run it.

A very important characteristic of the elements is the priority (of supply) that it is used when there is not enough water for all the elements, as allotment approach.

When executing the program, the model SimPrio optimize, for every month, a objective function (FO) linear.  The result determine the simulate assignment (or supply) to the different elements of the WRS.

After the execution, the output files with the optimum values of the variables and the guarantees indicators can be seen (and chart) with the DSS H2O or import with Excel or another similar program.


scheme of water resources system

Figure 1: scheme of simple basin.



Didactic example of use SimPrio.


For more details about the SimPrio module:

- "Manual del usuario de SimPrio, módulo de simulación por prioridades del SSD H2O (V 1.0)"; Collazos, G.;  setiembre de 2006.


Upgrade April 2007.